Couples Retreat Boasts Cast of Comedy Gold

couples_retreatOn the surface, the new comedy “Couples Retreat” looks like the only thing it’s missing is Robin Williams and John Travolta (or William H. Macy and Martin Lawrence), but I can’t overlook three things: One, that I laughed through the entire trailer. Two, the case is pure comedy gold – from the stars to the supporting actors. Three, it’s written by Vince Vaughn (“Wedding Crashers”) and John Favreau (“Iron Man”). I don’t think you can discount a film as a typical rom-com romp when those elements are present.

Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts. Just having Jason Bateman (“Juno”), Vaughn and Favreau (who was hilarious in “I Love You, Man”) on screen together is enough for the full-price ticket. Plus, comedy pulled from (albeit exaggerated and stretched) real-life issues is the funniest kind.

4 comments On Couples Retreat Boasts Cast of Comedy Gold

  • Looks funny, but I’ll probably wait for it to hit TBS. They know funny, you know?

  • Oh, that will be awesome to watch it in 2011.

  • I KNOW! I am so patient.

  • It looks funny n all but these movies really grate on me, its the same shit over and over.

    Cmon Vaughn! You play the same dude in EVERY movie you’ve made.
    ..And his gf from heartbreak kid makes me wanna stick myself with a homemade shank. Did she ron jeremy her way to the top to get these parts cause she’s complete fail.

    That said..i laughed through the stupid trailer too, damn..

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