CRANKY MONDAY: Sequel Proves Vampire Fans Will Watch Anything

30DaysSequel“Vampires are lame. LAME.”

That’s a mantra around here and one, if we’re being honest, one more people should live by. With it, we’d be free of the embarrassingly self-titled Twihards, Victorian vampire lovers (I’m looking at you pale Goth guy/girl with the black buckles and straps) and the Downs Syndrome “please don’t scream again because I don’t like punching myself in the face” screechers from 30 Days of Night. All the unhealthy life-longing and self-loathing could then be channeled into something more productive. Like… anything.

Hey, speaking of the refreshingly new idea’d, gorgeously shot but agonizingly executed graphic novel adaptation  30 Days of Night— did you know it had an upcoming sequel in the works? A sequel called Dark Days? It’s true. If you vaguely remember, (*SPOILER*highlight the blank stuff to read) the wife lives after her husband, Eben, sacrifices himself after becoming a vampire. (*END SPOILER*) Actually, the whole sequel is a spoiler, so we can’t reveal what it’s about in good conscience. Just know a sequel is coming, it doesn’t take place in Alaska and it has a girl with a big knife she probably uses to cut vampires with. The pic above is your first image. It’s yours to large-ify by clicking.

Image Courtesy SPWAG/Stage 6
Photo credit: Chris Large

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