Daredevil Reboot Gets Further Rumor-ized

daredevil_is_lameIf you happened to watch the 4 season run of the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica over the last five and a half years, you’ll know Katee Sackhoff played Starbuck, the pissy, angry, almost utterly unlikeable tomboy who, in the end, may have been an angel after all, so her sucking all 4 four episodes can be excused.

Or something.

To Sackhoff’s credit, she played the character with as much sincerity and gusto as could be mustered, but she’s yet been able to translate her TV prestige into anything beyond lame roles in forgettable movies and one-off TV guest spots (sorry, Bionic Woman). And she’s even taken sexy pics for lad magazines. Man, what’s an Oregonian gotta do to catch a freakin’ break in Hollywood?

Funny thing, though, speaking of Hollywood and catching breaks– I’m not sure her next potentially rumored choice will be any help, as the big rumor yesterday was Sackhoff’s visit to an LA comic shop where she picked up a boatload of comic books featuring Typhoid Mary– some villain in the Dare-“even-the-name-is-lame”-devil comic book series. Which tells your right off the bat that Sackhoff:

A) Has a thing for second-tier, telekenetic mutants as invented by John Romita Jr. for the blind hero that strikes boredom into the hearts of villains everywhere: Daredevil.

B) Finally got a around to seeing Ben Affleck’s Daredevil and wants more, more, more.

C) Might be in discussion to play, or has already received, the role of Typhoid Mary in what’s assuredly a oft-discussed Daredevil reboot.

C is the right answer, but to be honest, I think all of the above sound crappy. Here’s to hoping the comics were for her little brother or something.

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  • Do these f*ckwits ever come up with anything new?..ever?
    Did not one of the Ceo’s at the major studios today ever read books?

    Hell if they just ripped off some old books from the library we’d have some fresh sci-fi(like the Neuromancer, Ender’s Game etc.)films with great material.

    Hell no..we get films based off of comic books and video games, gee beave..cant wait for my reboots of shit movies like daredevil and tomb raider.

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