Deadpool: Lamely Named Wolverine Ancillary Gets a Movie

deadpoolIf you saw X-men Origins: Wolverine, you’ll remember fan-favorite character Deadpool as played by Ryan Reynolds, the wise-crackin’ mercenary who leaves his victims all dead and stuff, but with a  smile on their faces. If you stuck around* through the end-credits , you’d know there might be some surprises in store for Deadpool… and Variety has reported that indeed there are.

Apparently, one of the reasons Ryan Reynolds was given the role was to spin it off into its own franchise and now word is that the project’s out and looking for writers who can whip up a slapsticky, talk-to-camera/audience adventure. Sounds awful. Of course, Ryan Reynolds is a cool dude and as good as anyone with the smug ‘n’ snarky one-liner delivery– in fact, he’s made a career out of it– so there may be hope.

Regardless, these things take time, so who knows if Deadpool will even happen. X-Men Origins: Magneto, anyone?

In the mean time, Andy has just put back up his Tiger Beat poster of Ryan Reynolds here at AATM headquarters.

*Pet Peeve: Folks who say they love movies but leave before the credits finish rolling. I submit two things- if you leave before the credits finish rolling, you are A) Not a movie fan– you’re an entertainment fan and B) usually missing a lot of Easter Eggs– special surprises inserted into the end credits for the film faithful. Either way, you loooooose.

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  • If I could be another man, I’d be Ryan Reynolds. Yessir.

    I disagree with your credits statement. I never stick around unless someone tells me there will be an Easter egg. And come on, unless you are Marvel, how often do these happen? I bet if I watched 10 movies, none not named Marvel would have Easter eggs. If I’m wrong, please tell me which movies I missed recently that had them?

    I also don’t listen to DVD audio commentaries or watch the special features. So there! Nyah!

  • So you’re an entertainment lover? Say it ain’t so! How can someone love film as a medium and not have any interest in the contributions and elements that went into making it? The credits are included in the run-time. They’re part of the movie. Whole end sequences are created and approved by the director as part of the experience.

    I can’t believe it, Andy. I won’t!

  • Believe it, buddy.

    I think your statement of “entertainment vs. movie fan” is a little over the top, but I get the feeling that’s more personal than actual fact. If credit watching means you are the God of Movies then the whole of the Utah Film Critics Association are “entertainment fans” and on the fast track to celluloid hell. I’d guess so is 99.7% of the world’s moviegoers.

  • You get the feeling it’s more personal because I told you, you crazy bastalone! And 99.7% is a factoid I’m pretty sure you just pulled out of your prune hole.

    I don’t mean to say credit watching equates to filmic Godhood, but I think it shows a greater level of interest in the film as a medium as opposed to just goin’ to the movies. That’s not to say not watching is evil (I don’t always watch them– this isn’t an assault), but I WOULD argue that most of the Utah Film Critics Association, present company excluded, are in fact on the road to celluloid hell as folks who “love movies”, but have very little idea about where they came from, milestones in the process or any movie not on the AFI before 1974. There’s my prunehole fact.

    And yes, this was intentionally posted and elitistly toned to get people fired up. As a peet peeve, I 98% don’t care. Weeee!

  • Good thing we’re having this debate…alone…with nobody else. Thanks for commenting a-holes!

  • Stick it to ’em! You spineless savages!

  • Whenever I listen to the directors cut it just makes me hate the movie, and the director/cast. They are 99% of the time way too in to themselves. But I also don’t claim to be a superfan of movies.

    There, I am no longer an a-hole. Maybe.

  • Oh wait, I have to stop speed reading, you were talking about the credits. Yeah, I don’t watch those either. Sorry.

  • I admit i watch credits way too often, specially if im sitting in the theater, it allows all the dillholes to vacate while whipping out their cellphones cutting anyone off in the process just to see who texted them from the last 2hrs..zomg!

    I listen to commentaries also but im with Jenny as sometimes you listen to them(Disturbia, Shia is a complete doosh.)then it ruins the film for later viewing.

    ..So im gonna have to side with Dan on this, one cause he has a good n hearty name, two cause he used the words “Bastalone” and “Prunehole.”

    Nicely done.

  • I knew that there was a scene at the end of the credits in Wolverine, but I heard that it wasn’t worth staying for, so I didn’t stay.

    Apparently there are two different ones, randomly shown on different copies of the movie. The one you mentioned is supposedly neat, but the other once not so much.

  • Bastalone and prunehole are wonderful words, but sticking through the credits is a matter of taste, not a measure of film love or aptitude. Personal choice, nothing more, nothing less.

  • I stuck through the credits of Star Suck in hopes that they’d correct the timeline. I didn’t get any freakin’ easter eggs, let alone the one I wanted.

  • Yes, Dan. You’re coming off as an uppity snob. I feel sorry for the poor people who sit behind you at a movie and can’t see the “film” due to your nose sticking up in the air blocking the view.

  • Every time I stay for the Easter eggs at the end, I think: LAME. Seriously, somebody please tell me one that was actually cool. I can’t think of one. Pixar credits are good. Sometimes the credits of comedies are good when they show outtakes. But that’s it.

  • You don’t stay for the credits for “Easter Eggs”– they’re just there in a desperate attempt to reward the people who do and entice those that don’t. I’d say people who do watch the credits just stay to learn more about the movie they just watched.

    No need to get defensive, you pansies. You can still like movies and not watch the credits. And you can always sit in front of me to avoid my big nose.

    As for cool Easter Eggs, Iron Man, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Xmen 3. Oh, and Doubt.

  • i will watch Deadpool.

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