Denzel Looking Apocalypticly Bad Ass in New Eli Poster

The_Book_of_EliApocalypticly isn’t a word, but this is a blog, so AP style, Strunk and White and my sixth grade English teacher can all suck it. Behold the newest poster for Denzel Washington’s new film, The Road The Book of Eli.  Dan picked this as his Trailer Tuesday back in July and while the trailer wasn’t anything spectacular, I’m starting to warm to the idea of Denzel and Gary Oldman going toe-to-toe in this post-apocalyptic action movie from the Hughes Brothers (Albert and Allen), the directing twins who gave us Menace II Society and From Hell. I should also point out having Mila Kunis in the cast does not hurt this movie’s chances with me. She’s smokin’ hot and on this Thanksgiving holiday, I tip my hat to her gene pool and hope she performs better than she did in last year’s craptastic Max Payne.

Check out the poster (click it to supersize) and let me know your thoughts. The Book of Eli hits theaters on January 15, 2010.

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