DESTINY 2 Gets The Live Action Trailer Treatment

My favorite video games of the last 10 years?

I know what you think I might choose. Yes, I’ve played HALO and CALL OF DUTY and have spent way too much time yelling at 12 year-olds over the years…

THEM: You’re probably some 40 year-old, fat loser living in his mom’s basement!

ME: Oh! So close! I am 40, but it’s MY basement you little effer!

…but even with those games lingering around the trilogy of XBOX consoles I’ve owned, they aren’t even close to earning the a medal for Andy’s Favorite Games of the Last Ten Years. Those shiny tokens of achievement go the following:





The last title on that list has a sequel due in stores on September 6th. There’s also a fun live-action trailer (see above) directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. He’s the dude behind KONG: SKULL ISLAND. He’s also the guy that took down Cinema Sins in an epic tweetstorm.

Please, enjoy the DESTINY 2 live-action trailer. I bid you all adieu. I’ll be in my basement with my eyes glued to my TV. When I come up for air, I’ll have a cool beard like Jordan Vogt-Roberts, except I’ll smell like bologna and Fresca.


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