Diablo Cody Back with Jennifer’s Body

jennifers_bodyI loved the movie “Juno.” In fact, I adored it. I wanted to hug it and snuggle with it. Jason Bateman was his usually snarky self, Ellen Page was loveable and snappy, Michael Cera was, um, Michael Cera, and the supporting cast, from Jennifer Garner to¬†Allison Janney to J.K. Simmons and Olivia Thirlby added nothing but oodles of fantastic to this Jason Reitman (“Thank You for Smoking”) film. But despite all that, the movie only succeeds because of the brilliance that is Diablo Cody. I know some people are tired of her shtick, but after seeing the trailer for “Jennifer’s Body,” I have to say I’m impressed.

Check out the red band clip below and let me know what you think – will this be a winner and will Cody continue her prowess and screenwriting win streak, or will this expose her as a one-trick pony whose sarcasm and whit is old and overblown? I’m betting on pure win from the critics and some modest box office success. We’ll all know for sure on September 19th, when the film is released.

And one more thing – if Megan Fox wants to lose her snooty “Transformers” nothing-but-a-cute-face (and butt) reputation, this is the type of stuff she needs to do. Expand, Megan. Expand.

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  • I don’t mean to be the poop guy here, there’s just a lot of praise over this trailer that I don’t get.

    Diablo Cody definitely gave proof of talent with Juno, but since then we haven’t seen much. Jennifer’s Body has been finished for a while but unable to find a voice, until now, to advertise with. I’ll be happy to eat my underpants, tie and shoes if this is a good one, but for me the trailer doesn’t show anything more than a standard horror film trying hard to be witty and unique. Or maybe it’s that Megan Fox is shaping up to be my arch nemesis.

    Either way, sign me…

    The Wet Blanket

  • I don’t think her not having anything since 2007 – on the big screen, that is – is anything shocking, in fact, it’s kind of refreshing. It’s nice to think of her taking her time with her craft, rather than pooping out something lame just to get a big fat check.

    As for the trailer, I’m going to say this didn’t come across as a “standard horror film trying hard to be witty and unique” to me. But, as with anything, only the final viewing of the movie will prove that assessment right or wrong. My impression is this is a movie, like unto “Juno,” where the focus is on the high school experience, the way kids act, talk, etc and then all played with exaggeration against a horror backdrop.

  • I dunno. If you removed Diablo Cody’s from this one and just said “Here’s the next movie from Karyn Kusama (Aeon Flux)”, I think people would be hard pressed to list anything that rises above any other B-grade horror flick trailer. But maybe that’s me being jaded.

    Of course, what shows up onscreen is what this will be judged on– and I’m all for praising it should it surprise. I’m just being contrarian in that if I removed the Cody hype, I don’t see anything real interesting here.

    As for the Cody comment, I’m not a hater–her not having anything out wasn’t a statement on her being crappy, it was a reflection that we don’t know if Juno was a flash in the pan with the right elements of actors and director that made the project work. I’m just saying as a screenwriter she’s a little unproven to hang this movie on her name.

    Of course, The United States of Tara is a Showtime hit (and again, maybe I just can’t get over my distaste for the Megan Fox hype), so maybe you’ve got something there, Mister.

  • I can agree with that – the writing in “Jennifer’s Body” will definitely prove that Diablo Cody is either really THAT good, or she is just a flash in the pan.

  • Any film with chicks kissing chicks cant be all that bad..

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