(Real) Disney Animation is Back

A few years back, 2D Disney animation (ie- “cartoon animation”) was suffering diminishing returns, while newfangled “computer” animation was creating a magical land called Jackpot City. Disney nixed their film animation division after Home on the Range and shoveled time and effort into their CG division, churning out unforgettable classics like Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little and The Wild.

Luckily, Pixar big man and animation lover John Lasseter (Toy Story, Cars) was put in charge of Disney animation when Pixar and Disney joined forces a couple years back. Lasseter of course realized 2D simply needed charm and story to work– both of which had been lacking and diluted in the end run, and quickly reinstated Disney’s 2D legacy. The first film project out of the 2D rebirth, the bayou-centered The Princess and the Frog (naturally– Princesses is big business, dontcha know),  has just received its first trailer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m giving three hips and a hooray for the return of traditional 2D film animation– not because Princess looks particularly good, but because this art form never ever deserved the near death it received.

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  • “Meet the Robinsons” gets a raw deal because it’s not gilded with the Pixar stamp of unanimous fourstarability. Yes, that’s a word. Fourstarability. I really liked it and my kids liked it too. As for traditional animation, I’m with you. It should have never been put on hiatus.

  • Meet the Robinsons failed because it came off the Disney CG assembly line– it looked generic, the jokes were generic and the marketing was generic. It looked just like, if not worse, than all the glut of family CG stuff that hit that year. It was actually pretty good, but marketed/timed poorly.

  • Disney may have pooched it on the marketing side and timing side, but I don’t agree with the generic comments about jokes and look. I think anyone, and you just said this yourself, who watches it comes away impressed and entertained. I was heartily surprised at how good the movie was. Plus, it had a worldwide gross of $169,333,034 which is pretty good for a March animation release. Who knows how much DVD and merchandise added to that total.

  • Let me rephrase my generic remarks: the jokes used in the marketing– and the look is pretty generic. My points are inarguable, Andy. Not to say it’s poor quality animation– there was just nothing to set it apart. Again, fault of the marketing team, not the film itself, which, as we agree, was pretty fun.

  • Agreed. I’m sure the folks at Disney are tickled pink. No real effort in marketing, yet every kid at California Adventure wants his picture taken with the gigantic Lewis.

  • I love the classic Disney movies and am glad to see a new one come out. You can bet your 360, I will be there with my princess crown on.

  • Either way, that movie looks retarded. Good to see they’ve finally gone PC though.

  • I’m great fan of 2D Disney animation movie.
    Its a good new for me. I can’t wait to watch some new 2D Disney animation.
    So harry up Disney.

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