District 9: Believe My Hype! (?)

District 9 has been getting pimp treatment from yours truly since the dawn of AATM. I’ve always been a believer in the defunct Halo project’s hired then fired director Neill Blomkampk’s skill as storyteller/director since seeing his demo reels and the genesis short film to District 9, Alive in Joberg (see below). In fact, District 9 is probably my most anticipated film of the summer and its release, August 14, is quickly approaching.  With Comic-Con in full swing, District 9 was screened and reaction has been more than favorable.

One-time CHUD co-worker Devin Faraci has weighed in after the screening with some pretty favorable stuff… and how it compares to the much more hyped December solution to world peace: Avatar. While we’ve definitely disagreed in the past, I trust Devin’s opinion for the most part, which is why I’m posting his reaction (click to read) here.

In the mean time, believe my hype, believe Devin’s hype and believe that next year, Andy and I will NOT be missing Comic-Con.

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  • Looks good but the whole african documentary vibe thing doesnt excite me. That bot throwin trucks does though.)

  • Wow, Devin’s praise for this movie echoes my thoughts from what I’ve seen in the trailers. I’m really looking forward to this. And John Campea, the Halo hater, said today if “District 9” is a success, the Halo movie is a go. And I believe everything he says.

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