District 9 Lovefest Continues

The upcoming film District 9 has been working on gaining your attention by not really trying hard to gain your attention. In some circles, this is called viral, but viral actually spreads. Nevertheless, District 9 has released another “viral” video in its line of its universe-based trailers. I’m not a the biggest fan of the technique and voice over. It feels too Starship Troopers/campy, while the film footage contrasts gritty and radtastic.

Maybe I’m over anlayzing. Maybe I’m not, but I still like what I’m seeing and am looking forward to District 9 coming out as a counter punch to the doldrum-ariffic summer pummeling (with a few exceptions) we’ve taken so far.

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  • I dunno man, something about this still looks like a sci-fi channel production or a ghetto version of cloverfield.

    I know you guys have a mancrush on the director so heres hoping its good.

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