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A few weeks back we introduced you to District 9, a Peter Jackson produced tale based on the Neill “In your face!” Blomkamp short Alive in Joburg. The trailer for District 9 has just been released and I’ll belie my partisanship here and say it looks fantastic. While there’s going to be some comparisons made with 1988’s  Alien Nation, I get the feeling District 9 is going to be a little less crime mystery with aliens and more sociopolitical with a little sinister thrown in for good measure.

To bone up on District 9, click here. Or, if your memory puts steel traps to shame, just watch the trailer.

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  • I won’t lie. This trailer not only looks fantastic (I wonder about the acting, though – that lady being interview sounds wooden), but it makes me shake my fist at whomever is preventing Halo from being made.

  • Sorry to disagree with you Andy but this looks like it belongs on the sci-fi channel. Looks sorta low budget..meh.

  • I don’t think low budget is accurate, but I do think he’s going for a “raw” feel. I’ll reserve my opinions until after I see it, but from what I saw of his Halo pre-production, Universal and 20th Century Fox are really missing the money train by passing on Halo, especially with Peter Jackson’s name attached.

  • Is Weta doing the effects?

  • Weta did the effects. I don’t know any more than what I’ve seen, but Alive in Joburg had a great feel and tone– this is it big-screeninized. Nazi Frankenstein and Pterodactyl Nightmare belong on Sci-Fi. District 9 belongs on the big screen and then, hopefully, on my Blu Ray shelf.

    Still, I can see where folks are coming from with the “cheap feel”. Blomkamp’s (the directors” style is all raw and uncut stuff. We’ll see, but so far so good.

  • Do you hear that, Jar Jar? That’s the sound of a thousand terrible fronk horns fronking the window shut on the Halo movie. Best move quick, Neil and Peter! Times a wastin’!

  • Halo with Peter and Neill is done and done. Next up, if ever: Halo courtesy of Brett Ratner and Casper Van Dien. Or maybe Kirk Cameron.

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