Dreamworks & Spielberg Want Halo? Sure. Whatever.

Another day, another Halo movie rumor. Yawn.

Ever since Halo: Reach hit stores last month, the question has been raised over-and-over again: When will fans see a Halo movie hit the big screen? I like this question, but the answers that follow is the same hodgepodge of “someday” and “never” that have been burping out of Microsoft since the Peter Jackson-produced, Neill Blomkamp-directed version sent Master Chief’s trip to the cineplex to Development Hell. In fact, that’s a misstatement because there is no development anymore. The Halo movie is dead.

Or is it?

Remember, more than a year ago, when it was rumored that Steven Spielberg, easily one of the greatest directors in the history of the universe, was having a Cialis moment for Halo? Well, it seems the rumor is aflame again, this time chronicled in-depth by New York Magazine. According to the article, DreamWorks is renewing its efforts to obtain the rights to the Halo movie and are hinging the success of said effort on basing the movie off the novelizations (The Fall of Reach, First Strike, The Flood) and having Spielberg potentially direct. The article gives a nice review of the history behind the movie and offers up some juicy tidbits on who screwed who in the entire debacle.  It’s worth the read, especially if you’re a Halo fan.

My take:  After being prison-raped by a throng of Halo rumors, let alone the collapse of the Jackson/Blomkamp version, I take this with a grain of salt. Sure, I’d love to see a movie get made and I’d run naked through the streets if Steven Spielberg was the man behind the director’s chair (just as long as that God-awful George Lucas was involved), but until I see an official press release from DreamWorks, this will be another rumor and nothing more.

Until that day, the Halo movie is dead.

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  • i sure wish this hits the movie theater because i’ve been following halo ever since it first came out. and the complex story behind masterchiefspartan117/john) is just a story one can never live without.

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