Eli Wants You to Read His Book

We’ve mentioned Denzel here at AATM before. While everyone loves Mr. Washington as an actor, we contend from role to role Denzel simply plays Denzel. And that’s cool with me, because I like chest-pounding Denzel and smiling-I’m-getting-frustrated-and-you’re-about-to-get-it Denzel. I like calm Denzel. I like stoic Denzel. And it’s a good thing Book of Eli has Denzel attached as star, because everyone else likes Denzel, too and post-apocalyptic movies seem to fare worse for wear than others. Which is too bad, because I like them and all their depressing portents.

And that’s what Book of Eli is- post-nuclear war tale about a guy who wanders around with a book full of secrets to save everyone who’s not growing third arms out of their ears and buttcheeks.

Oh, and did I mention this movie also costars one of my top five favorite actors Mr. Gary Oldman, because it does. Eli also stars Mila “Am I a lifeless TV star destined to fade out in movies or not” Kunis, which isn’t a draw as much as statement that post-nuclear America will still birth cute girls.

Book of Eli hits in January of 2010, which may not be soon enough because the trailer looks intriguing to say the least. Am I wrong?

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  • This looks like a sexier, karate-laced version of The Road. And there’s Denzel, being Denzel again. I’ll see this, because I like post-apocalyptic thrillers. But on first glance – meh.

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