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the_road11Andy at The reader Porthos sent over a link to the first-ever review of the upcoming movie “The Road.” The trailer just hit the web and we’ve posted a link here, but Esquire magazine, famous for their sexy and artsy shots of “women we love” and their annual (since 2004) crowing of the “sexiest woman alive,” has seen “The Road” and is calling the October 16th release “the most important movie of the year.”

Reviewer Tom Chirella can’t say enough good about “The Road,” and it makes me feel more at ease. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks the trailer isn’t up to snuff.

Here’s a little snippet from the article:

You have to see it. Really.

You do. Not because it’s grim, not because it’s depressing, or even scary. The Road is all of those things, both acutely and chronically. But there was not a single stupid choice made in turning this book into this movie. No wrongheaded lyric tribute to the novel. No moment engineered simply to make you jump.

The terror of it is in a normal world made vacant. There is a surprising terror in a landscape of farmhouses full of possessions that have no function, a remarkable danger in a pile of old hammers, in the possibility of forgetting what things were once for. It’s a fear worth feeling. And there is something knotty and resilient, eternal and elemental, something worth caring about in all this, in a parent’s love for a child, especially when love is the only thing left in the world that has the least little thread of purpose.”

You can read the whole article at

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  • I’m thinking I need to read this book soon.

  • Kind of an old piece to comment on, but I just wanted to say I started reading he book last night. I made it about 2/3 of the way through, and wanted to stay up to finish but my wife wouldn’t let me.

    So far I’m really liking it. The only other McCarthy book I’ve read is No Country (after seeing the movie) and his writing style is something I’ve really come to enjoy. And it makes me all the more excited for the movie.

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