Even Hitler Hated Avatar Day

So we all know how Avatar Day went down: like a spent balloon. Partially booked theaters, underwhelming word of mouth. Not the rousing world-wide celebration 20th Century Fox was hoping for.

The screenings intended to generate the buzz needed to launch Avatar with strong anticipation and big buzz-worthy opening numbers seem to be having the opposite effect. Only December will tell (and it may be way too early to prognosticate…. aw, screw it), but there aren’t too many people dizzy with excitement over this one.

I just chalk it all up to the injustice of Utah being given the stiff arm in all the Avatar Day screening festivities. Karma, suckers!

And then there’s Hitler. Taken from the film Downfall (if you haven’t seen it, rent it… now), this pivotal scene has been recut to reflect the Fuhrer’s massive disappointment with the Avatar trailer, Avatar Day, James Cameron and even George Lucas. And let’s be honest, if Hitler’s pissed, Cameron’s opus is in big, fat trouble.

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  • I chalk it up to the movie looking retarded. Oh look, blue lizards riding Episode II monsters and fighting the Trade Federation!

  • And Sir, you wouldn’t be wrong.

  • Are you serious?

    I hope your not a star wars/trek fan cause this flick looks no worse off(Abram’s trek excluded)than those lumps of steamy turds.

    What are you expecting here? Something deep?

    Avatar is a big budget, check your brain at the door CGI-3D fest, nothing more.
    Has Cameron sold this film off as anything more than that?

    I dont know..Cameron has a pretty outstanding record of strong films under his belt, even if it has been 100 years since he’s seen dry land.

  • I don’t think Avatar looks retarded. I think Avatar looks, as Nick mentioned, unoriginal and standard. But I eat this stuff up, so I’ve got no problem with it. This is 2 minutes of trailer and as I’ve said before, I’ve got utmost confidence in James Cameron. I wouldn’t write it off as simply “a big budget, check your brain at the door CGI-3D fest, nothing more.” While I think saying a movie doesn’t have to be intelligent or insightful at some level is a flimsy justification, I don’t think Avatar will be that at all.

    Unfortunately for Cameron, he HAS sold this movie off as more than a CGI-3D fest. Avatar has been sold, in his own words from day one as a “game-changer”– a photoreal, tactile environment that will revolutionize audiences film viewing experience to where they’ll feel they were there. That’s massive hype– and when it turns out to be simply a CGI-3D fest that’s left people viewing 20 minutes of footage as intended to be seen totally underwhelmed… well, what does he expect?

    In the end, I think we’re on the same page, Danny. But Nick’s comment has its merits and seems to be a widely held one that should be considered… and one that should, with all the effort put into Avatar Day, make 20th Century Fox nervous.

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