Event Horizon Gets Remake Via Dead Space Movie

Dead_Space_3lSince we’re on the topic of game-based movie adaptations (Halo!), EA’s enjoyable and visually excellent Dead Space is warming up for a film treatment itself. Of course, this will be more of a remake, since Dead Space owes almost all of its story/mood to Event Horizon, replacing Satan and his minions with The Thing‘s mutating body horror and Alien‘s blue collar space gloom.

Eagle Eye/Disturbia‘s D.J. Caruso is attached to direct, which bodes well. The guy’s capable and stylish and– until the end of Eagle Eye reveals a movie-busting twist which retroactively demolishes the probability of every circumstance that’s lead up to it– directed a pretty exciting thriller. Bear in mind this news doesn’t mean Dead Space is a go or even close to being greenlit– the script still has to be developed and shopped to studios. But it seems a pretty easy sell if EA gets their space engineers in a row.

And as I thoroughly enjoyed the game and am always game for variant sci-fi of all stripes, I’m all for it.

2 comments On Event Horizon Gets Remake Via Dead Space Movie

  • This game did nothing new or revolutionary but hot damn was it a fun ride.

    Turn out the lights, turn up the surround(the audio in this game will melt your face off)and prepare to wet yourself. Do not allow the wife n kids to see this game, this is pure man bliss.

    If they release this movie as PG13 it will blow sheep and hollywood truly are one fry short of a happy meal.

    Plse dont sign Dwayne(The Rock)Johnson to do this.

  • Agreed completely. This needs to be a dark, rated-R, moody and atmospheric film. That’s how I see it.

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