Everyone’s a Basterd

krugerbasterdIt’s a new Inglorious Basterds character poster, this time with some feminine mystique…

…and by mystique I mean Diane Kruger’s wooden acting (Troy!) and bad English accent (National Treasures!). Luckily, she can stick to her native German in this one as she spies for the allies in her role as Bridget Von Hammersmark– a Nazi fan-favorite actress. Apparently, the Nazis tastes in actresses was as bad as their politics.

I have a feeling we’ll be posting a few more of these in the coming weeks. Who will be next?

7 comments On Everyone’s a Basterd

  • I heart Diane Kruger.

  • So what’s the donate button for? Does Dan need a kidney?

  • You do not, Andy. You. Do. Not.

  • And the donate button is actually for Andy’s eyesight– we’re trying to get him away from falling in love with every girl who appears in a movie.

    Oh, I kid, brother! I love you, Man!

    The rest, incidentally, will be used in an attempt to give me some kind of heart.

  • Oh, Danny, I do…I really do. And you should too you sanctimonious basterd! The donate button is so we can actually make money on this site, since our advertising netted us $1.55 so far. Yeeeaaaah booooy!

  • a buck and a half aint too bad. (that’s me being a hick) (i heart parenthesis)

  • Mmmmm… sanctimony.

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