Explosion! Destruction! PG-13 Carnage!

Both 2012 and it’s film prequel, 2012, march steadily closer. One will entertain us in a thrill-ride of white-knuckled apocalyptic escapism. The other will explode the earth and send us burning, drowning, suffocating and crushed to an early grave. Can’t wait!

While  2012 (The Movie!) holds no allure for me –as no massive annihilation spectacle has since 9-11/New Orleans/ Thailand/China– it sure does pack a lot of spectacle. The sheer amount of destruction is a feat of modern CGI science in both detail and macabre beauty. As a craft, it’s very well done. So lucky you! Here at A(And Dan!)ATM, you can witness a full five minutes of Roland Emmerich’s 2012 and its angry visit to California thanks to Fancast.

And if you’re thinking “I’m glad I don’t live in California”,  don’t worry. We’ll eat it later in the movie when Yellowstone explodes.


You can view all 120 minutes of the world eating it when 2012 hits theaters November 13.

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  • That’s the stupidest trailer I’ve ever seen. This was a movie that could have seriously capitalized on the intrigue and fear that is building toward 12/21/2012 and the whole Aztecan calendar prophecy mumbo jumbo. Instead, it just TRIES to capitalize on it all.

    2012 is to the Aztecan calendar prophecy as The Day After Tomorrow is to global warming.

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