Fame! It’s Gonna Live Forever. And Ever.

by Dan

I missed out on the whole Fame fever thing when it debuted in 1980 and second-debuted in 1982 with a five-year run on TV . I just couldn’t get behind all that random singing and dancing and random toe-touching jump splits of joy. Lame.

28 years later, Fame’s done got itself a remake releasing too soon. Yes, Fame is going to live forever.

Who knows if the toe-touching jump splits of joy are gone, but you can bet your booty there’s going to be plenty of singing and dancing. If Fame’s updated dancing involves gid-inducing B-Boy stuff like this alternate poster, I might reconsider my 28-year boycott, despite a theme song that will never, ever leave your head and a logo that still makes me want to down eight icy ounces of Coca Cola.

Behold one of Fame’s new alternate one sheets. The one that doesn’t look like American Idol.



  1. 06 April 09, 5:33pm

    I once did 28 toe touches. In a row. It made me pee my pants. Just thought you might want to know that.

  2. Andy
    07 April 09, 12:11am

    Is that like doing crunches at the gym, trying to impress the ladies, and a little fart squeaks out?

  3. 07 April 09, 10:37am

    Not so much. More like a circle of screaming girls at a dance competition and me showing off. Luckily I was wearing tights and nobody knew about it but me. Or so I’d like to think.

  4. Andy
    07 April 09, 12:22pm

    How old were you? That is the important question.

  5. 07 April 09, 3:36pm

    Sadly I was old enough to have mastered bladder control. I think I was 15-17. Did I mention I did this more than once? No? Yeah, it was on going for two years. Though 28 was my best number. Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to.

  6. Andy
    07 April 09, 10:44pm

    That is the best story I’ve ever heard. Would you mind if I turned that into a kid’s book? I was thinking “Petunia Pee Pee Pants and The Tuesday Toe Touching Tea Party.”

  7. 08 April 09, 11:48am

    I have nothing to say. How does one come back from that?

  8. Andy
    08 April 09, 9:22pm

    I think you are one hilarious woman, that’s what I think. You crack me up.

  9. 08 April 09, 11:36pm

    Aw shucks. I’d have to say you are pretty damn funny yourself.

    Also, Sandy, I am not stalking your husband.

  10. Andy
    16 December 09, 11:28am

    Is that like doing crunches at the gym, trying to impress the ladies, and a little fart squeaks out?

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