Forget Freddy– That Dude’s Got his Nails on a Chalkboard

Back in the day, I snuck in a viewing of Nightmare on Elm Street thanks to free HBO at a hotel my family was staying at. That taught me not to be naughty– my sneaky viewing caused me a case of adolescent pants-pooping and a penchant for nightlights that I gave up only last month.

The franchise ran its course and lost steam, but thanks to Platinum Dunes (Michael Bay’s little horror house) and their love for remaking iconic 80s horror (Friday the 13th, The Hitchhiker, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), we now get another crack at Nightmare on Elm Street. As luck would have it, the first pic of the new Freddy “I’m iconic” Krueger has surfaced on Bloody Disgusting and…

…it looks like the OLD Freddy Krueger. But shadow-ier.

New Freddy

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