Francis Ford Coppola’s Beard Also Hates 3D

by Andy

I hate 3D. Dan hates 3D. Roger Ebert hates 3D. Francis Ford Coppola hates 3D, and now, in a show of solidarity, Francis Ford Coppola’s beard hates 3D. You hear that Hollywood?! Keep your damn 3D glasses! This ain’t the 1950s! Well, unless you count the culture of fear spread like putrid mayonnaise across the minds of Americans by the TV and radio political pundits and the government…but that’s another story! Long live Planet Beardatron!

Francis Ford Coppola and his beard both hate 3-D

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  1. Dan
    20 May 10, 12:09pm

    Behold the Elder of Beardatron!

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