French Won’t Keep a GI Joe Trailer Down

Remember that first GI Joe trailer from way back in the Super Bowl? If that got you excited enough to unwrap all the GI Joe toys stashed away in the air-tight acid proof vault in your basement, this new full-length trailer will either send you into convulsions or have you crying for the glory days of the weekday cartoon series.

Either way, GI Joe’s got a new, longer trailer with more footage, more explosions and more Frenchiness. That’s right– since it’s for the French market, this GI Joe trailer doesn’t care if you can’t read French subtitles, because you’re getting them anyway, Sucker.

A hearty thanks to the en Francais website Allocine (which has since taken it down) for bringing this nugget to U.S. attention:

5 comments On French Won’t Keep a GI Joe Trailer Down

  • That looks awesome!

  • Will they be passing out kung fu grips at the door?

  • Man, I don’t know how to feel about this trailer. Truthfully, except for my 1980s G.I. Joe toy love, there isn’t really anything appealing to me in this preview. I’ll see it, but I don’t have high hopes.

  • Is this the same dillweed who directed the Mummy movies?
    He ruined Van Helsing and now he will ruin JOE!

  • Ding, ding, ding! Stephen Sommers- the same Dillweed who did Mummy, Mummy Returns and Van Helsing.

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