Fresh New Moon Posters for The Twihards

Happy October 1st to all the faithful readers of (that’s Andy at The Movies for the uninitiated) and to celebrate this eventful day, I present you with three new posters for November’s release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. To be honest, there’s nothing really special or significant about October 1st, I just thought we could all celebrate, especially considering the snow Mother Nature prematurely crapped on the Valley yesterday.

At any rate, click the thumbnail versions below and see Edward, Bella, The Abercrombie Werewolf Boys and the Pasty Skinned Chef Boyardee Vampire Clan in all their super-sized glory. Also, in a few weeks we’ll be announcing a Twilight contest here at, so check back for more details. It’s hush hush for now, but I’ll give you a hint: If you have Bella tattooed on your left butt cheek and Edward on the right and clinching both cheeks makes them kiss, you’ll most likely win the contest.

4 comments On Fresh New Moon Posters for The Twihards

  • How did you know about my Bella and Edward tatoos? Crazy! Anyway, I just thought that I would let you know that there is a reason to celebrate today, you have 4 choices it is:

    1-Fire Pup Day
    2-International Day of Older Persons
    3-World Vegetarian Day
    4-New Moon Posters Posted on Day

    Tough choices…I will let you decide.

  • So what’s the deal with the stoner/hussie from Adventureland? I see her hugging different people in the different posters. Speaking of said stoner chick in Adventureland, is this chick hot or no? I can’t decide.

  • She’s both!

  • Good question. Sometimes she looks like a man, other times she looks haaaawt. I’d say the jury is out. She looks to me like she’s three clicks away from being the next Lindsay Lohan.

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