From Paris With Love French Redband Trailer

I’m not dying to see From Paris with Love, but I will admit, a bald-headed, foul-mouthed, nasty John Travolta is much better than the goofy, hair-plugged Travolta in Wild Hogs and Old Dogs. From Paris with Love is directed by Pierre Morel and also stars Johnathan Rhys Meyers (Mission: Impossible III) and hits theaters on February 5, 2010. Morel was the director of last year’s Taken, starring Liam Neeson. According to, he is set to direct the remake of Dune, taking over for Peter Berg (Hancock) who is too busy with his next film, Battleship. Yes, based on the Parker Brothers game. Yes, I think that movie sounds stupid. Any other questions? Good. Now watch the French redband trailer for From Paris with Love and let me know if I’m wrong thinking this could be kind of fun.

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  • Ugh. John Travolta. BUT, he's far better as a really bad good guy than a hammy bad, bad guy and a goofy dad.

    Morel's from the Besson combine, so the guy knows how to shoot action and while Taken's a guilty pleasure, it's not so because the characters were deep. I'd expect the same here. Hello, guilt.

    As for Battleship… for shame! This is Berg pulling a Hollywood fast one– hitching his wagon to the toy project movie trend and then creating his own sci-fi actioner around it. Battleship is so hollow that anything could be plugged into it– and Berg did just that. I'm all for watching the Abyss' aliens get shellacked by the US Navy. Toy movie trend (Bratz, Barbie, Monopoly): Stupid. Berg hijacking toy movie trend to make a war of the worlds on the ocean: Genius.

  • When i see Travolta these days i wanna hug the big guy, his kid died and they tried screwing them over on top of all his heartache, i cant imagine losing a kid.

    Ive already admitted here i purchased Wild Hogs..wait it was a gift from the woman actually but the fact i liked the movie that much shows what a tard i am for The tool man and travolta.

    I think he looks bad ass bald, he should stop wearing that wig, own it brotha man!

  • I'd much rather see Travolta in this genre. He has the natural, physical grace of an athlete, and is a big enough guy to look imposing, when need be. Looks like a fun movie.

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