From the Files of Blah: New Twilight Eclipse Trailer Online

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse got a brand new trailer today – unveiled on Oprah – and while there isn’t any “I’ll fight for you until your heart stops beating” lines of love from six-packed lycans, there are certainly enough WTF moments to cause the Twitarded folks to scratch their heads and drool, which means there is enough nerd candy for the Twihards to suck on until June 30.

I count myself, luckily, as Twilight illiterate, so I honestly had no clue what I was watching in this minute-plus clip. However, maybe it’s the rough quality from our pals at, but this trailer seems a step down from the Eclipse full-length preview that hit the web in March. Or maybe it’s all the talk of this “epic battle” in Eclipse and all I see is a bunch of pasty-skinned Banana Republic models having it out with some Pound Puppies. Let’s be frank, this looks like turd.

So…Twilight fans…please, enlighten me – what do you see in this preview that makes you either (a) giddy or (b) disappointed? Do the images onscreen seem to fit the story told in the book?

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  • This is one that you could take your boyfriend to and he will be just as excited about Twilight as you are! This one is going to have pure action, excitement and romance! They better do justice to the tent scene! Ayyyyyyyyiiiiiieeeeeeeee! I am counting down the days!

  • Oh and one more thing… Damn you Andy, don’t be a hater of Twilight! Let the epic battle between vampire and wolf begin!

  • I’m not a hater, I just am not impressed with the content of this trailer. It looks silly. BUT, again, I haven’t read the books, so I have no damn clue what is going on. BTW, word on the street is the tent scene, whatever the hell that is, isn’t like you’d hope. I’m assuming this must mean pasty Edward gets it on with Bella. Or whatever. Sigh.

  • LOL…I guess, Andy, you will have to wait and see what the tent scene. I think this looks pretty good. I was honestly more excited to see New Moon because it was my least favorite book, but believe me…the Twilight hype that comes with summer is getting me giddy and ready for some vampire/wolf action. I say bring on the Twilight!

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