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Until last weekend, my must-see thermometer had James Cameron’s Avatar deadlocked at tepid. The hype, along with Cameron’s overzealous bravado and the not-so-fresh teaser trailer was enough to extinguish any anticipation I once had for this “groundbreaking” movie.  However, after watching the full-length Avatar trailer last weekend (it was attached to Paranormal Activity), I must say, I am now enthusiastically waiting for the film’s December 19th release.

Check out the trailer below, and, as always, let us know your thoughts. Does this snippet make you want to see Avatar, or were you already planning on a great movie and another victory from Mr. King-of-the-World Cameron?


If for some unholy and mind-boggling reason you don’t have a computer or Internet access, you can catch the Avatar trailer on television at 11AM MST on Fox before kickoff of the Cowboys/Seahawks game on November 1st.

Frankly, the trailer might be the only reason you want to tune into this game. Yeah, that’s right, I think Tony Romo is a douche. What are you doing to do about it? Yeah. Sit down.

But I digress.

Not only will Fox viewers see the Avatar trailer, but the gazillions of drunken Cowboys fans will catch the 3:30 minute clip on Cowboy Stadium’s Diamond Vision Screen, which apparently makes this event the largest motion picture trailer-watching orgy in the history of motion picture trailer-watching orgies.

So, web friends, armchair quarterbacks and stadium-attending Cowboy’s fans – tell us what you think of the trailer!

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  • As long as Avatar is better than G.I. Joe I’ll be happy – keep your standards low you’ll be more likely to enjoy the movie.

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