Full Prometheus Trailer Gives Me a Geekgasm!

Alien, Aliens and, gulp, even Alien 3 (notice how I didn’t mention the abomination called Alien Resurrection) have a special place in my Blu-ray collection and the sci-fi nerd inside me goes bananas as they play out on my 50 inch plasma TV. There are plenty of movies that do not hold up after the passage of time, but these three, particularly Alien and Aliens, hold up after, in the case of Alien, the passage of 30-plus years. I mention this because you need to understand the kind of Viagra moment my inner (and outer) nerd is having after watching the full trailer for Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel, Prometheus.

I don’t know what it is, but unexplored worlds in unexplored galaxies, ancient alien spacecraft, dark caves and malevolent creatures, Charlize Theron in a skintight spacesuit, explosions and butt-puckering action and terror make me suddenly place Prometheus right in line with The Dark Knight Rises as my most anticipated summer 2012 movie. I think when you watch the trailer below, you’ll agree.

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