G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Summer Surprise, or Summer Suck?

9797643We’ve chronicled the perceived suck and troubles with “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” here at AATM.com, and Dan even mentioned awhile back that Snake Eyes and Co. were getting some favorable reviews from audiences who had screened the Stephen Sommers’ cinematic Hasbro nerdgasm. I was and am leanging toward this movie reeking of Sommers’ stinky CGI and near-vapid plot and character, but from what I hear from the press folks I work with out of Denver, they won’t be screening “G.I. Joe” next week. That’s usually a sign of little or no faith in the film and the calculated foresight to keep critics and their sharp tongues from tainting the opening weekend box office potential.

There are only three reviews up at RottenTomatoes.com right now for “G.I. Joe,” one of which being from Devin Faraci of CHUD.com, a dude who also liked “District 9,” a movie I am absolutely dying to see. Faraci gives the movie 8.5 out of 10 and says of  “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra:”

“If I was 10 years old, GI Joe would be one of the best movies I had ever seen. As a grown up it’s one of the better summer movies; a delightfully light, fun and action-packed kick in the ass.”

So, maybe like Dan said, it’s time to readjust our “G.I. Joe” expectations. Either way, we won’t have any pre-release feedback for you and will keep you posted if other press folks are reporting a screening blackout, as well.

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  • Key quote: 10 years old. My expectations are so low, I’m can’t do anything but enjoy it. Just like Mummy 2, Push, Ghost Rider (crap!) And Transformers 2. Oh, wait. I didn’t enjoy Transformers 2. Ok, scratch that one.

  • Seeing as how once again they’ve made a Wayans(Marlon) the witty, nutty, comedic relief token black guy, my early vote is this movie will be full of suck.

    The fact they cast a Wayans as Ripcord has fail written all over it.

  • Thank you for this valuable post. It changed my mind.

  • Im not sure if your being genuine or simply calling me a racist pig(which i guess i could be accused of)but the fact that minorities(ie the wayans)keep getting cast to be these idiot, moronic characters who are given parts to act gangsta funny ha ha! makes me wanna sling my poop at the wall.

    One, its insulting to my intelligence and two..its old and lame, i dont care if your black, white, yellow or purple. Its just stupid and tired.

    Haha! lets hire the black man who makes an idiot of himself who spews ebonic rhetoric and its just so funny!…How many times do we have to see this kind of pigeon holed character forced into summer action movies?

    Theres one in every friggen Michael Bay movie and it makes me want to slap someone on set, whether it be the writer, casting director or the bloody director himself.
    If it is indeed the director’s call id love to punch Bay in the face.

    It’s sat night and once again ive been drinking so i appologize if i come across as “that guy” but for the love of all thats holy stop the idiocy.

    /passes out..

  • Right now this is at 86% on RT. Seven fresh, one rotten. As I mentioned on the radio show, this won’t be screened for critics in Utah, so I’ll post my thoughts Friday afternoon.

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