George “Moneybags” Lucas Ready to Ruin a New Star Wars Trilogy

So I finished playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II last night, and despite some ho-hum reviews of the game, I was reminded how awesome Star Wars is when George Lucas isn’t sticking his silly, emotionless, underwhelming hands into every nook and cranny of the universe he started back in 1977. Finishing the Starkiller saga reminded me how excited I was at the news of a prequel trilogy and how badly I wanted to embrace them as the new hotness in Star Wars movie magic. Nearly six years removed from Revenge of the Sith, hindsight has proven how lifeless and uninspiring they truly were. It has also made me a cantankerous bastard and a routine flipper-of-the-bird to Flannel Von Meatneck.

But I digress.

The Force Unleashed II brought to mind a rumor I heard a few weeks back that Old Man Lucas was plotting a new trilogy, presumably episodes VII, VIII and IX (that’s seven, eight and nine to folks illiterate to Roman numerals), to hit theaters sometime around 2015, after the Star Wars saga is prostituted on the big screen once more so Moneybags Lucas can honk the 3D hooter like every other halfwit moviemaker in Hollywood these days. The story also went on to say this new trilogy – which of course was debunked by Lucasfilm – won’t have anything to do with the Skywalker clan. Take the rumor for what it’s worth, but if you’re like me and my pal Roger Ebert, I’d bet big on the likelihood of this happening. Here’s what Ebert said in 2005 in his review of Revenge of the Sith:

I said this is not necessarily the last of the Star Wars movies. Although Lucas has absolutely said he is finished with the series, it is inconceivable to me that 20th Century-Fox will willingly abandon the franchise, especially as Lucas has hinted that parts VII, VIII and IX exist at least in his mind. There will be enormous pressure for them to be made, if not by him, then by his deputies.

Here’s to hoping Lucas will step aside for the new trilogy and allow some new creative minds a crack at the Star Wars universe. His name will still be attached to the project and he’ll make a grundleload of money, but he’ll avoid going down as both the creator and destroyer of what might have been the world’s greatest sci-fi space opera.

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  • George Lucas owns Star Wars and Indiana Jones lock, stock and barrel. 20th Century Fox has no say in whether Lucas makes another Star Wars.

    This line was especially stupid:

    “Here’s to hoping Lucas will step aside for the new trilogy and allow some new creative minds a crack at the Star Wars universe.”

    A truly creative mind would be creating his or her own stories and characters -not hoping to ride on George Lucas’ coattails.

    • Whatever the semantics, the point is the amount of pressure for the saga to continue is high. That’s a lot of automatic millions just waiting on the table.

      As to your comment saying my last paragraph is stupid, you obviously don’t get my intent. I am saying if Lucas let go of his grip, we might actually see some originality and creativity in the Star Wars saga, something the prequels lacked.

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  • I agree with Andy

    While im sure Star Wars will be forever cemented in films history, if Lucas wants his universe to stand the test of time and stay relevant in this generation and the next he needs to let go of the “muppet show” and hire someone who’s in touch with what people want in sci-fi these days.

    When you have guys like Neill Blomkamp producing riveting, creative, in your face sci-fi that still retains that human element that hits the heart, dinosaurs like Lucas should take note.

    Instead the old timer shoots scene after scene of computer generated backdrops, cgi puppets, terrible writing and shitty, whiny actors that no one can relate to.
    I actually laughed at the main character who was supposed to be the one and true bad ass(Anakin Skywalker) in the Star Wars universe because Lucas wrote him in as a cry baby who was angry at the world?..or is that universe?

    At this point it would have made more sense for him to slit his own wrists with his lightsaber.


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