Get your Twilight Fix at Bandslam

bandslamtwilightIf you’re like me you are absolutely dying for the November 20th release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Time can’t move swiftly enough for me to reconnect with Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson) and to spend a little more time with that hunky, eventually-shafted lycan, Jacob (Taylor Lautner). And when I say I’m absolutely dying to see the sequel to last year’s Twilight, I really mean I’d rather spend two days stapled to my couch watching a marathon of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I’m all Twilighted out folks and I haven’t even read the books. I’m Twi-numb.

Still, if you just can’t wait and you don’t have the Internet (meaning you also might still use horses for transportation and, quite possibly, the telegraph for communication), you can catch the brand new New Moon trailer this Friday in front of Bandslam. All you need to know is it’s about a band, it looks friggin’ lame and stars everyone’s favorite cell-phone nudist, Vanessa Hudgens.

Oh, and in case you were nervous that good ol’ Logan, Utah will be lacking any Bandslam screenings, don’t fret. My favorite theater chain, The Westates, will have it running in at least two of its big theaters. And, as if the threat of the looming apocalypse hasn’t been proven via global warming, war and famine, you can bet your bottom dollar it will when the Bandslam screenings this weekend are packed with hundreds of tweens and teens (and their moms) all lusting for a new shot of Old Edward Pouty Von Hairybrows.

3 comments On Get your Twilight Fix at Bandslam

  • “…everyone’s favorite cell-phone nudist, Vanessa Hudgens.”

    Platinum, my good man.

  • Thanks, pal! Thanks for the pat on the bum!

  • Andy dont be lumpin all of us fans as simpleteens.

    Im nearing 40 and i look like the bearded dude(fat jesus)from The Hangover and i loved twilight!

    We have those same pooptacular theaters here in and i for one will be there at the screenings of this awesomeness.

    Besides what better place to pick up chicks n milfs!
    ..Wait..was that my outside voice?

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