Ghosts, Shmosts– Collapse Offers Up (maybe) Real Halloween Scares

collapseSo apparently Halloween’s on the very near horizon. Days away, even– which means “scariest” lists are where it’s at. Top scary movies, scariest villains and scariest John Travolta performances. And while the offerings dig up solid recommendations for fun “haunted house scares”, how about a real one? One that skips the imaginary monsters, slamming doors or unexplained midnight hickies. The kind of plausible, real world stuff that leads to gulping bottles of Tums and sleeping in the corner on a bed of canned meat and ammo; the prospect of having easily accessible sources of food, law, heat and modern day comfort catastrophically dry up, with most people having no skill to fill in the gaps with any of it. You know, the economic and societal collapse of Western civilization.

If the prospect of stuff scares you (which it should- you’ve seen how people get when they think a crowd’s after the last discounted DVD player), enjoy the trailer for Collapse, the heavy weight contender for Scariest Film 2009. The film’s focal point, ex LAPD detective Michael Ruppert, certainly has his detractors. Labeled a conspiracy theorist and all around crazy man by some, he’s been marginalized on many levels. The film itself plays on anxiety fears brewing today and the trailer certainly ramps up the sensationalistic nature of some of Rupperts ideas. Still, semi-plausible conspiracy theories have a knack for kicking fear’s tires and lighting its fires, and with critical buzz for Collapse unanimously confirming an unnerving viewing experience, what better way to make Halloween’s traditionally scary stuff look inconsequential?

Collapse hits select cities and Video on Demand November 6.

3 comments On Ghosts, Shmosts– Collapse Offers Up (maybe) Real Halloween Scares

  • This stuff makes my butt pucker up like a balloon knot..

    I dont want to watch this but i probably will and come away freaked out and pissed off at the rampant corruption in not only our own government but the entire world.

    Thank the heavens Tom Cruise and Scientology will save us all!

  • Vinton, you’ve been doomsdayin’ since the day I met you. I’ll take this crap any day over Gramps crop dustin’ down my hallway.

  • I knew I could milk a response from you on this one, Nick! And amen to Gramps’ angry Bear Lake cropdusting.

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