GI Joe is People, Too

You may not have heard, but despite poor, poor, poor, poor, poor buzz, GI Joe did pretty well this last weekend and enjoyed almost $60 million hard earned American dollars shoved into its battle-ready G-string. Internationally, Joe did even more– $100 million in Francs, Euros, Pounds, Yen and other assorted monetaries worth more than the dollar.

I’d like to say GI Joe‘s success came from the fact Andy and I really enjoyed its ridiculous silliness, so I will.

As a tribute to mindless entertainment winning the day (and probably this weekend as well– District 9 is really its only major competition, and that’s rated a big, gory R), here’s a thoughtful ditty as you reflect on GI Joes box office win and the subsequent outcry over its harbinger-ery as the death knell to high-minded cinema.

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