G.I. Joe’s Too Bootylicious For Ya, Babe

So there’s a new poster for the upcoming all-odds-are-on-awful G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra that opens in August. It prominently features the lower anterior money-maker for Sienna Miller (aka The Baroness), two cordless Black and Decker Do-it-Herself drills, icy-hot Photoshop effects and some good and bad guys, too. It also features an ode to Baroness Booty tagline: Evil Never Looked So Good.


In other news, Chewbacca’s bowcaster was reported as stolen. Scarlett had no reply at the time of this publishing.

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  • I was never a G.I. Joe fan, so I have zero nostalgic interest in this film.

    That said, the trailer looked awful. Technically impressive, but just flat out, balls-to-the-wall stupid. Like a turd in a prom dress.

  • Amen– But even that prom dress is a 1998 Faded Glory clearance bin knockoff.

    I’m not hopeful for this at all– and while I don’t think it needs to take a hard edge (GI Joe’s 80s resurrection in and of itself is slightly ridiculous–it’s a fantasy TOY)the whole cinematic affair needs to be fun. Judging by all the goopy CGI on level with the overdone and UNfun Van Helsing, I’m not optimistic… But I think I already said that.

    Still, expectations could be so low we may be surprised.

  • Is it just me, or does “When all else fails, they don’t” sound kind of awkward?

  • This is gonna suck b*lls.

  • I agree, this isn’t just going to suck, it’s going to gargle.

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