Grab your Depends: Horrible Bosses Red Band Trailer Online

I wasn’t so sure about Horrible Bosses, but after this last red band trailer (the movie hits theaters next Friday, July 8), I have to say I think this might vie with Bridesmaids for the top comedy of the summer. We all know, aside from a few funny lines and scenes, that The Hangover: Part 2 was a pretty solid disappointment, so the question is can another buddy comedy, this one about three dudes trying to whack their bosses, fare well at the box office and with critics? If all the jokes haven’t been revealed in the trailers and audiences aren’t on Jason Bateman overload, then the answer is yes. Otherwise, it might be, like so many other movies this summer, one and done for Horrible Bosses.

Take a peek at the red band trailer below and let me know what you think. My highlights? Jaime Foxx, Jennifer Aniston (“Just relax there, Jodi Foster!”) and Colin Farrell all playing out of their element. And now excuse me while I go cross my fingers.

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