Guy Pearce Just Sold Me Prometheus

I, like others have been cautiously skeptical about Ridley Scott’s upcoming “prequel” to his massively popular Alien. I love the cast Scott has assembled, Michael Fassenberner and Idris Elba are two amazing actors who have yet to dissapoint me. I have been dissapointed with so many remakes/rehashes/reboots over the past decade, I didn’t want to suffer another let down by one of my favorite directors… yes I am talking to you Tim Burton (Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland).

I will admit, after the first trailer for Prometheus was released the sci-fi nerd inside of me was intrigued. There have just been so few sci-fi films worth remembering over the past decade. District 9 back in 2009 was the last that really left a mark.

Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), however, just turned what little hope I had for Prometheus into a full blown nerdgasm of excitement. The trailer is simple, and doesn’t give away any key plot points (so far as I can tell). Pearce delivers an eloquent, hypnotic and somehow terrifying speech about technology and its origin. The final line is truly quite amazing, so I will hold back my urge to spoil it for you. June 8th can’t come fast enough. If we are lucky, Scott will give us a few more ads to devour before the film is released.


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