Halo ODST Commercial Primes Geeks for Movie. Again.

Aaaaand I’m one of them. I don’t have much to say, beyond once again, we have a live action commercial showing why Halo would make, at the very least, a fantastic war movie.

As a commercial for the upcoming expansion to Halo 3: ODST, this trailer is nothing less than a quick shot of adrenaline. I don’t have much more to say than Andy’s said here and here, but I’ll be watching this in HD over and over and over and over and over… and over.

Check it out below, then quickly forget your contempt at us for posting yet another Halo related story.

13 comments On Halo ODST Commercial Primes Geeks for Movie. Again.

  • I won’t lie, Dan. I just peed myself a little bit. Maybe even a gibbly.

  • more sleepless nights await

  • Yknow..great commercial..and whoever did that commercial should have produced the game cause the game will be a mediocre(spelling..its saturday night..ive had some shots..sue me..)framey pile of xbox shite.

    Even those greedy bastards over at Microshaft assured the community that this would be an addon and not cost full price.
    but of course they changed their collective greedy minds cause they know they can cash in on the Halo name.
    I hope those suits die of ballsack cancer and this franchise with them.

    I know you guys get hard willies when anything Halo is released from bungie(the most overrated bunch of programming twits this side of fucktardsville.)but seriously lets take a step backwards and force the player to be a grunt instead of a bad ass spartan.

    Im an addict so i too will pay $60 bones to play this asstastick game but i aint happy about it.
    ..And my point? i dont have a point, im drunk and stupid..someone put me to bed.

  • Danny

    I remember a couple of years back, that fresh faced excited young boy, running up to collect his new Halo toy from a rather skinny non bearded santa claus person. Oh how you skipped to the car, pausing only to have your photo taken with master chiefs helmet.

    Prior to that, I looked at you in awe with your halo2 skills, how you mentored me and taught me to be a man.. and to play well. But now, i see before me a shadow of your former self; your skills dulled; your smack talking souding more like a 1st grader pointing out that girl that has cooties. Daring even to renounce that which at one time you held so sacred. Rise and be chefy again, the most skilled halo warrior of cache valley. Let us hear your razor like wit and see the image of you squating over a dead corpse humping it like a horny pony.

    Rise and Own.

  • Lola, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Dan “Chefy” Vinton and Danny are not the same. Dan doesn’t play Halo anymore, but it has a soft spot in his heart. Danny is a Bungie/Halo hater and I just don’t know why. I’m not sure why he hates the graphics, etc, so much, when they’re better than Gears of War and/or Left 4 Dead and COD. Why the hate, Danny? WHY!?

  • “your smack talking souding more like a 1st grader pointing out that girl that has cooties.”

    Hey! i resemble that remark sir.

    ..And Andy,graphics better than gow2? zomg..
    Is it the water their in Logan? ;)

    Btw you ever pick up L4D?
    Nothing more satisfying then trying to make it to the next safehouse with a couple of your bro’s, blasting through hordes of zombies..
    Its like playing an episode of 28 Days Later.
    Drinking helps kill more zombies too.

  • Danny my apologies for getting you mixed up with the chefy. Still dont understand the halo hating but I respect your position… ish

    Anyway fredo, look forward to the playing my friend.

  • Okay, the Gears of War dismissal may have been harsh, but I don’t think they are any better than Halo 3. And as for L4D, yes, I got it from Gamefly and after getting over the nausea, I had a great time. I might pick up L4D2, but I’m not sure. So many games coming out in the next 3-4 months.

  • “Danny my apologies for getting you mixed up with the chefy. Still dont understand the halo hating but I respect your positionā€¦ ish”

    Np at all man.)

    Its just so easy to hate teh Halo..from a technical side i feel it lacks, from the intertia’isk, slow responsive playstyle(it has high controller to screen latency 133-300ms)to its unbalanced weapons and walk at a crawl movement with no sprint.
    And dont get me started on the FoV.

    This isnt to say halo isnt a bad game, it has high production values and it is pretty. The engine allows for large zones which is why it runs at 24-30fps.
    I hate to make comparisons to CoD but if you look at CoD4 it runs at a steady 60fps and has tight, responsive controls that feel realistic.

    This is only my opinion and why i’ve never been a Halo fan and judging by its popularity im clearly in the minority.

    Anyhoo, sorry Andy i didnt mean to turn this into a hate post.
    I’ll still be buying Halo ODST cause it looks like fun, i hope the framerates improved some but if not i wont be playing multiplayer much.
    That said..this is Microsofts baby im sure it will be a quality title.

  • You can hate all you want, sir. You definitely have more wisdom in the gaming realm than I do, so your opinion counts and is valued.

  • Left 4 Dead looks and plays like a PS1 game.

  • Yeah, I have some definite complaints with L4D. One of them is how predictable the game becomes. It’s like cue the Boomer…beat…beat…cue the Witch….beat…beat…cue the Hunter. Rinse. Repeat. Still, with that said, pretty fun game. I do think the graphics aren’t that great.

  • ODST!!!!!

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