Hancock? II? Really?

hancockYes, really. Apparently, the sequel nobody really cares to see as based of the $624 million grossing movie everyone’s forgotten about (besides remembering it stunk) is being wormed toward a green light. Sony/Columbia has hired The Shield writers Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to work up a script for the sequel to the project originally titled, yes, Tonight, He Comes.

What does that mean? Hm. Nothing beyond the looming prospect of having your ears and eyes punished all over again. And I say “all over again” because while Hancock executed a miserable second and third act, it almost worked and despite those second and third act letdowns (respectively–“I’m your super power-sucking wife!”/”nerdy villain revenge”), there’s enough good will vested in both Will Smith and a fun premise done poorly to give Hancock II a second chance at bringing in eyeballs and the wallets they’re attached to.

But here I am being harsh. I really like director Peter Berg (he directed the shamefully under-appreciated The Kingdom and The Rundown). Despite Hancock’s impotence, I’ll give any Hancock sequel the benefit of the doubt if they’ll just get rid of the whole “gods become mortal when they’re around one other” plot line. Talking about a potential plot last week, Berg told SCIFI Wire:

“There might be another god out there. Might be another one.”

…Oh. Never mind.

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