Happy Belated Trailer Tuesday! Say Hi to Troll Hunter!

“Found footage” movies are all the rage in Hollywood. You can go back as far as The Blair Witch Project, but most recently we’ve seen Cloverfield, Quarantine, Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2, as well as The Last Exorcism and the upcoming Apollo 18. I love movies like this, so it’s no surprise to me our friends in Norway have become fond of the genre, so much that writer/director André Øvredal has passed up zombies, vampires, poltergeists and aliens for something truly creepy. Yep, trolls. Nope, not these trolls, but rather big, car-crushing, under-the-bridge trolls. Watch the trailer below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I’m undecided on what to expect after this short preview. The movie is a mockumentary and hits theaters on June 10, 2011, but from what I can gather, the special effects look kind of corny and I’m not 100 percent sure substandard filmmaking elements and a foregin language will translate to box office success. My guess is this will snag the curious types or mega-fans of the genre, but I think the casual filmgoer won’t even know this is on the radar, or care. What about you? What say ye of the trailer?

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