Happy Birthday to Us!

593 posts, 1,905 comments and 80,698 visitors and AATM is one year old. I’m not sure what that means aside from an abnormal obsession with all things movies, lots of not-so-free-time watching trailers, reading articles, gossip, rumors and a weekly trip to Salt Lake City to catch one or two flicks, and a sincere jolt of adrenalin that comes from debating the hell out of things like Twilight, The Halo Movie and how 3-D sucks crotch.

A few acknowledgements are in order:

Thanks, first and foremost, to the readers. Thanks for being fans. Please keep coming back and telling us you agree or disagree. Even the trolls add some flair and pizzazz to the conversation.

Thanks to Tyler Riggs and the folks at KVNU for giving me and Dan a chance every Friday to make ourselves laugh and share our opinions with the listeners.

Thanks to Dan for his reviews and posts. His wisdom, humor and opinions have been a welcome addition. The guy can flat out write and I appreciate his contribution. It may say Andy at the Movies, but it really is Dandy.

Finally, thanks to our families for putting up with endless Blu-ray purchases and the once, sometimes twice, weekly trips to SLC for screenings. Your patience is appreciated.

So there it is. One year old. See you next year. In the meantime, as a birthday present, make sure to follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

3 comments On Happy Birthday to Us!

  • Happy Birthday! Seriously though, did you REALLY just write Dandy in a post? I am going to have to veto that name choice. LOL!

  • Sometimes when I think of the two of you — I think dandy– so I approve– I won’t tell you what else I think though.

  • Happy B-Day guys.

    If it werent for Dandy.com id have one less site to frequent and post my half drunken rants at 3 in the morning.

    Keep up the great work fellas.

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