Happy Wednesday to ME! Beckinsale in Black Leather!

The Underworld series of vampire vs. lycans movies are high on my list of guilty-pleasure cinema and a big reason for that pleasure comes from the oh-so-sexy Kate Beckinsale and the way she busts caps into werewolf booty whilst wearing tight black leather. I don’t go gaga over many Hollywood actresses, but Beckinsale is definitely one that makes my pulse quicken.

The picture below is from the latest installment of The Underworld franchise (the last was Underworld: Rise of the Lycans in 2009), titled Underworld: New Dawn. It’s due in theaters on January 20, 2012 (in super-lame 3D, nonetheless) and the story centers around Selene (Beckinsale) who, after rising from a coma for 15 years, learns she has a vampire-lycan daughter, Nissa, and together they fight a big bad corporation from creating bio-engineered lycans that will wipe everyone out.

Underworld: New Dawn will be critically panned and will have a modest, one-weekend success at the frozen January box office, but I’ll still enjoy every squeaky minute of Beckinsale putting boot to hairy wolf face in her tight black getup. What about you? Intrigued. Go on. Admit it. You are.

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