Harrison Ford Sticks It to Chewbacca!

We all think of Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Indiana Jones and that one guy in Witness – gruff, tough and one of a select few who actually looks good without shaving. Ford is the epitome of dude cool. He’s so cool he could wear Teva sandals (with socks even!) and still be a certifiable badass. One thing most folks know about Ford is he’s tired of answering questions about Star Wars and Han Solo. He was the only person to leave the Star Wars franchise and actually have a career. I guess that means Natalie Portman is the female Harrison Ford, since she managed to develop a fruitful resume, complete with an Oscar win, after the craptastic prequels mercifully ended in 2005. But I digress. Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! that Ford did whilst promoting his new movie, Cowboys and Aliens. Ford has a real knack for comedy, which he proved in Morning Glory and this clip below is nothing short of gut-busting. Enjoy!

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