Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Out today is a new trailer for “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.” I must admit, I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, nor shall I ever, but I have enjoyed all the films for the most part. And this, the sixth Potter film, looks to be equally impressive, especially from the tasty snippets divulged in this new trailer. As a side note, as reported earlier, “The Half-Blood Prince” opens on July 15th and is rated PG. Check out the new trailer below and feel free to get your nerd on in the comments.

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  • I dare say you may actually enjoy the Potter books. They’re a little childish for sure, but they are great brain candy.

  • wow….this looks good. And I am pleased that they made the movie, based on a CHILDREN’s novel, rated PG! GJ Warner Bros.

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