He’s A Wolf. He’s A Man. He’s The Wolf Man.

Not too long ago, Andy gave you the sad news that The Wolf Man, the tender coming of age story about a man, his wolf bite and the people he subsequently gnaws to death, would be pushed back from a fall release to the depressing and bitter-cold wasteland of winter 2010.

You yawned.

But that’s OK! Despite it’s setback, the trailer for the period-set Wolf Man revival has arrived, begging the question: Why did werewolf transformations look so much better in the 80s before CGI? I know, but I’m not telling. However, we’d love to hear you tell us what you think of the project now that you’ve seen the trailer. Still yawning? Intrigued? Prompted to introduce the Wolf Man’s back to the miracles of Gillette’s Fusion razor technology? Do tell.

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