Howard Stern Ridicules Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight

There is no mistaking the obvious – Gabourey Sidibe is extremely overweight. Pundits everywhere can argue reasons for her to lose weight, the least of which being her looks, but at the end of the day Miss Sidibe is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect. Her weight should not determine her value as a person. Who knows what Hollywood has in store for the talented actress. It’s more than evident she is smart, classy and confident.

Howard Stern, one of the top five douchebags in the world (he’s #3 behind Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), took some time during his radio show to blast Sidibe and her weight:

“There’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen. She is enormous. Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie. “She should have gotten the Best Actress award because she’s never going to have another shot. What movie is she gonna be in?”

You can listen to the full tirade below. For shame Howard Stern.

20 comments On Howard Stern Ridicules Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight

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  • I am not sure about classy or confident, I think we do not know that much about Ms. Sidibe yet. One thing thats certain is her performance in Precious was excellent. I am wondering how the author of this article says she deserves to be treated with respect because she is a human. How about Howard Stern? Does he not deserve to be respected as a human? Calling him a douchebag is not respectful and insulting. Besides calling him number 3? give me a break I guess you’re somehow saying that Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il are less of a douchebag than him. You are a hypocrite. You are unfair. And you are just as judgmental and harsh as Howard Stern.

  • Why do you think Howard Stern is a douchebag? Because he tells the truth. That seemed to be the most truthful statement ever. What role in the Hollywood reality of sex appeal do you think they will write a script that calls for a female north of 400 lbs to get the lead? He’s right. Simple. She will never be nominated for Best Actress again. I will put money on it and that is not me being mean. Personally, I do not have hate towards African Americans or obese people other than to say I think they should have thick skin or lose weight …and lose weight for healthy reasons. I get sick and tired of the watch Half Ton Mom or Dad, or Teen and watching them refuse treatment of help to save their lives.

  • Whatever has happened in this actresses life to prompt her to get so fat is what needs to be focused on. Every organ in that massive body is crying out for help. What is truly loving would be to make this actress realize how she is destroying her body. If insulting her will wake her up or wake up other people, then the insulting would be a truly loving and wonderful thing. It is hurtful not to take the time and effort to wake this actress up and make her realize she is a mess. Or maybe we should let her drift along and die of some disease that was preventable.

    • You do not “wake up other people” by insulting them and destroying what self esteem they have. There’s not a damn thing “truly loving” about shredding someone’s dignity. And if that’s your way of “helping” those around you, I feel for them.

    • An overweight person already knows she is overweight and does not need to be insulted. Ms. Sidibe knows she needs to lose weight and Howard Stern’s comments are typical of weight-obsessed Caucasian Americans.

  • Howard Stern is just a stupid ass motherfucker he needs to get a damn life gabourey knows she is big we see that and she don’t need your ass down her back about it dumb ass no one every said that being obese was o.k we said haveing a little curve is o.k and this is for your co-host bitch go get a damn comb nappy ass dreads

  • Thomas Tiberius

    all you fatty supporters should pay more taxes to help offset mine that I have to pay for the heath care issues obese people bring onto our economy. Being fat is not a genetic problem, its a self control problem. Fattys don’t deserve special rights they need to be ridiculed and ostracized from normal society.

    • Could not agree with you more. I am so sick and tired of fatties being on the receiving end of sympathy. They deserve to receive the same punishment smokers face: ostracization from society at large and higher health insurance costs. Why are we feeling sorry for these people? We should NOT be giving them Oscar noms – we should be telling them to eat salads.

      • That wasn’t me. Just in case you were wondering. I never have strong opinions. I tend to hide in happy land.

  • Howard was making the point that she needs to get healthy. Pretty much everything on his show is taken out of context. He was saying she needs to lose her weight for health reasons. She might be a great actress, but her size is shocking, and she is great risk for Diabetes, heart failure,…..
    As for him being the #3 douchebag, that comment isn’t even all that clever. No, no. You’re right. He should be after a Holocaust denier who has homosexuals hanged from cranes, women stoned for being raped, and all the other inhuman punishments exacted by the Sharia law. Yeah, you’re right.
    And by the simple fact you used the word douchebag, I would surmise that you listen to him on occasion, but you just do not, nor will you ever get the show.

  • Sarah, you are obviously a Stern follower or you wouldn’t be coming to his defense or trying to assuage his ridicule on Gabourey. He is a mean-spirited man and the way he went about it, while not surprising, was tacky and rude.

    I think Andy is using sarcasm when calling placing Stern behind Iran’s president. I laughed at that line.

    Yes, Gabourey is obese. Yes, for her health she should lose weight. But anyone who thinks ripping somone over their weight is a good thing needs to have their head examined. Love and friendship and kind encouragement go much farther than meanness.

    Great post, Mr. Morgan. I think you nailed it with your compassionette words.

  • Howard Stern, please. What talent does he have? The only talent I can see is a talent for cutting other people down. I honestly wasn’t even shocked by what he said. I expect nothing better from him. He is a narcissistic sadist.

    Andy…you are spot on as usual!

  • I usually don’t comment on these subjects but this one got on my last nerves. I am a plus-sized woman my self and very active. I am a few sizes smaller than her. But I think it’s digusting on how much people what to make it look like Howard stern is concern about this girl. You guys know darn well that he is not concern about her because her likes to see no class woman parade in front of him in his radio station. If you guys are so concern about hollywood people’s help, why don’t you guys or howard stern talk about lindsay lohan or amy winehouse. but I forgot they are skinny white girls that are two steps away from dying but i guess they are healthy right.

    And do you guys think this is the best way to make her want to lose weight. and why can’t we comment on someone’s talent and not how they look?

    And to let you guys know something. I know people that have been skinny their whole lives and they have all the diseases that you claim that all obese or overweight people have and they fatter siblings are fine. And not to mention I am in great health also. All my doctors have told me that I don’t even need to get a yearly check up because I’m that healthy. And i’m almost 30. take that.

    And for Howard stern. you what to talk about looks you look like the vomit with a mop on your head. so, if i looked like you i wont talk about anybodys looks.

    And for anyone that whats to try to stand up for that piece of trash. you are just the same.

  • Nancy, thanks for the comments. I wholeheartedly agree. I may look a little hypocritical calling Stern a douchebag, but I find a hard time believing his on-air diatribe was given in the spirit of a helping hand and sage advice. He is mean and his comments are not called for. I’m on board with folks losing weight for their health, and I also think it boosts their confidence, but it is not the defining characteristic of who they are. I don’t know Gabourey personally, but she seems like a bright, intelligent and charming young woman. I wish her nothing but the best in her career.

    As for Stern, I agree with the other comments – someone who makes a career out of being an asshole shouldn’t surprise me.

  • You know nothing about Howard Stern, buddy. You’re just like the millions of other people who don’t listen to him but assume they know everything about him. Howard is one of the all time greats, and the biggest secret about him is he has a big heart in his personal life and is the most moral person you’ll find. The other secret about him is he hates that people hate him and he’s with a shrink half of the week trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. The only thing that keeps him going is that there’s another group of people, 10 million or so, who love him and listen to him every day. He gets them through their day. He’s downright conservative and prudish in his personal life. His job is to entertain people, and he’s been knocking it out of the park for 30+ years. Of course, what happens is little snippets of his shows find their way on different media and blog sites and he’s judged by the moments when he goes a little nuts on the show and says something outlandish. Then people think he spends the entire show blasting people and saying outlandish things, when in reality this is not the case at all. He is not mean spirited, believe it or not. He’s just trying to fill 4.5 hours on the radio while being interesting and entertaining and honest. Try it sometime. See what that’s like. And yet, even when he’s being outlandish, he’s still telling it like it is. And I hate this positive body image crap that people like Gaba-what’s-her-face and others like her spread. She struts around the red carpet and hits on handsome men and says “I’d hit that!” as if Gerard Butler would hit her. People cheer her on and call her every glowing adjective in the book. But if an attractive chick, and I mean a TRULY attractive chick, strutted around like that, people would call her arrogant. So stop lying. This girl isn’t beautiful. She’s sick. If she would just say “I’m trying to lose weight” I would never knock her at all, and neither would Howard. Instead, she is asked what she’s doing after the ceremony is over, and she says she’s going to go scarf down some Chick-Fil-A. She loves being fat. THAT I have a problem with. That’s a horrendous message to send to young people.

  • Howard was trying to tell her to be healthy? PA-LEASE!!!! He was doing what he does best–causing controversy. Have any of you watched his show? How can you say that someone who parades naked plastic surgery loving women on his show is trying to help someone? How is that being an example to our youth? Fill your body with poison and changing it so much that no one knows who you are? Telling women that they are only beautiful if the have triple D’s and a tiny waste is a horrendous message to send to the young people. She’s fat and she is happy– thats what he has a problem with. She will be around- deal with it-

  • @ anon…yeah…you must really believe in what you are saying since you can’t even post your blog name let alone your real name…wow…you are so brave.

  • I like your style san jovi. straight to the point

  • This coming from a guy who parades chicks on his show with fake tits and plastic faces..

    Howards into the health kick, his skeletor face and cottage cheese ass are the wheaties box poster child of our generation.

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