Hurtin’ For Hurt Locker

Ok, so there’s one more summer film I’m pining to see– one that’s got some exceptional buzz but seems to be arriving quietly: Hurt Locker. If Hurt Locker has been flying under your radar, hopefully the newly released “Trailer B” puts an end to that travesty.

Hurt Locker, the based-on-truth story of a combat bomb squad, is directed by the lovely Katherine Bigelow. If that name means nothing to you and you’re an action fan… for shame! Bigelow directed the early 90’s testosterone-laden Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze bank heist/surf mashup Point Break. She also directed the underrated K-19: The Widowmaker. In short, the lady’s shown she knows how to punch, shoot and explode her way to super-fine action and suspense. Despite a viewer-repellent Iraq war setting, Hurt Locker is making a tense and sweaty promise to deliver.

Give it a chance, won’t you?

2 comments On Hurtin’ For Hurt Locker

  • K-19 = Poo poo.

    I remember cruising Main Street the summer of “Point Break” listening to “Nobody Rides for Free” by Ratt. I think Gary Busey needs to be in more movies.

  • I command you to get over your accent bias.

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