I’m Watching the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for Katy Perry!

The only reason I ever tune into the MTV Movie Awards is to watch the hilarious film parodies throughout the broadcast. I’m talking Jimmy Fallon’s 2005 Tankman Begins spoof of Batman Begins, or Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller’s sequel pitching to Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. Those are classic and I’d say most watchers probably flip the dial to MTV for the same reason. Let’s be frank, it’s not like the awards are legitimate or have any meaning. It’s one thing to win an Academy Award; it’s another to win a golden tub of popcorn for “Best WTF Moment.” Bottom line: The MTV Movie Awards is nothing more than a loud, obnoxious soapbox for presenters to blather on about their upcoming movies.

I had no plans to tune in to this year’s MTV Movie Awards (the program broadcasts live on June 6) because the show has grown less funny each year since Sarah Silverman hosted in 2007 (Mike Meyers and Andy Samberg followed and were equally disappointing). And even though The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be rammed down my throat the entire time, I have decided to relent and watch for one reason: Katy Perry. Oh yes. The bubbly, bright-eyed vixen of Hot n’ Cold fame (whose boobies are real by the way), and recent winner of Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list, is performing California Gurls, the first single off her upcoming album Teenage Dream. I realize I’m nine years Perry’s elder, but I’m 100 percent sure her Daisy Dukes and bikini could melt my Popsicle.

Oh, and in case your wondering about any cinematic ventures Perry has on the docket, you can see her make her movie debut in 2011 with The Smurfs, where she’ll star as Smurfette – who, incidentally, is number two on my list of sexiest blue chicks in the movies (numero uno is Neytiri from Avatar).

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