I Pimped The Hurt Locker Once and I’ll Do it Again, Thank You

The headline about sums it up. I’m turning into a shill.


One of my most anticipated summer films is The Hurt Locker. Between my pimping on KVNU and here at AATM, I’m sold on the idea that while The Hurt Locker is a summer film flying under the radar, it shouldn’t be.

The new poster features an image taken wholesale from an “Oh, ****” action beat in the film, but it’s the screaming quotes along the top that should have you considering sold on seeing this film. The quotes aren’t from the usual suspects of some dude at Fox-TV, BayMoviePh4n36 or even Peter “I haven’t seen a film I couldn’t concoct a pull-quote for” Travers of Rolling stone. These are quotes from the New York Times, Time magazine and the LA Times, which are not only chronologically named news outlets, but legitimate stalwarts in movie criticism… and I’m buying them all trigger, fuse and detonator.

Join me, won’t you?

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