If You See Up, You’ll See This

If you’re going to see Up tonight (or caught it already), this won’t be news to you– but Pixar’s next project, Toy Story 3 has a new teaser trailer. It’s the old gang and while it all feels familiar, it also feels all… familiar.

Pixar/Disney Animation head John Lasseter vowed no sequels unless there was a good and compelling reason to do one, so I’m not too concerned in that Pixar’s built 10 years of trustworthy brand. It’s just that Toy Story 3 doesn’t have me doing cartwheels– or jumping jacks, even–by any stretch.

Still, the teaser’s “cute” and Toy Story appropriate. Check it out:

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  • I can’t imagine that Toy Story 3 would be anything but pure win. This trailer, like the other two movies, looks charming and fun.

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