Inglourious Basterds Getting Mixed Reviews

Everything will be alright, Quentin. You'll see!
Everything will be alright, Quentin. You'll see!

Eeek! So much for everyone fawning over Quentin Tarantino’s supposed greatest screenplay ever, i.e.  the oft-reported on “Inglourious Basterds.” Word out of the Cannes Film Festival is mixed and has the movie at 57% on the Tomatoemeter, with 14 reviews posted (eight fresh, six rotten). And don’t think those snooty French filmgoers and their love of aberrant sex and all things boring have this film painted into a corner. No, sir, our beloved American critics are pooping on this with glee. Richard Corliss of Time magazine and Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times (and possibly Roger Ebert – he was vague, but hinted as much) both turned their noses at Tarantino’s Basterds.

Does the mixed reaction so far make you less or more interested for the August 21st release date?

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  • Ha ha! I saw this coming. Taratino has some great stuff, but let’s admit it, he also is guilty of writing absolute drivel.

  • I haven’t seen it, but I’d guess he’s done the exact opposite of what many of his fans enjoy – a mix of quirky dialogue and crazy violence. Sounds like this picture is too “talky.”

  • Word is Tarantino’s cutting the movie post-Cannes. Maybe that’ll tighten the sucker up.

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