Iron Man 2 Trailer Beats up Master Chief

by Dan

While everyone was arguing about tired ol’ Halo around these parts, the new Iron Man 2 trailer premiered.

I bet Iron Man could beat Master Chief in a fight AND in a contest to get the most girls phone numbers. Those fools who say otherwise are just kidding themselves.


  1. Nick
    16 December 09, 9:07pm

    Whoa. That looks cool.

  2. Danny
    16 December 09, 10:59pm

    That trailer not only kicked much ass but its not even Christmas yet and that just brought back fond memories of GOOD and FUN summer movies!

    /puts shorts n tshirt on and is ready for summer.

  3. 16 December 09, 11:57pm

    I have to agree with Nick and Danny on this one – this trailer is magical and yes, I pitched a tent.

  4. sanjovi
    17 December 09, 8:10pm


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